A free resource to learn about Oregon focused guides, outfitters & overall unique experience providers.
A free resource to learn about Oregon focused guides, outfitters & overall unique experience providers.

AAO Local Guide Interview #1

South Coast Tours

Owned and Operated by Dave Lacey

Gold Beach Oregon

Since 2012

Kayaking - Fishing - Stand Up Paddle Boarding Adventures




What makes South Coast Tours unique in the Oregon adventure provider space?


▶️ SCT is the only ocean kayaking and SUP provider on the coast.  We offer kayak wildlife viewing and fishing, as well as SUP tours in a truly uncrowded and dynamic coastal area.  The south coast holds most of Oregon's rocky bottom/kelp forest and is home to more Wild and Scenic Rivers than anywhere else in the lower 48.  We are less crowded and a little harder to get to, but it's worth it. 


What are some ways you’ve been able to leverage South Coast Tours to contribute back to the natural resources which attract your clientele to Oregon state?


▶️ SCT donates 1$ from every tour to the Travel Oregon Travel Forever Fund.  This fund provides grants for good projects all over Oregon.  We also bring a lot of attention to Oregon's marine reserves as one of our more popular tours is just north of Redfish Rocks MR (marine reserve). We tell the story on every tour and do free kayak tours for outreach events based around the MR. We also put our name behind worthy conservation efforts like fighting a nickel strip mine in the headwaters of some of our local streams. 


When is the optimum season to reach out to South Coast Tours and book an adventure (and why)?


▶️ The best time to paddle with SCT is May to October.  We are open year round, but winter can be really tough to plan ahead for.  The winds, rain and large ocean swells all combine for some pretty gnarly winter and spring conditions.

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